Hello, thank you again for joining Inrupt’s very first Developer Workshop. Here is where all the resources, rules, and code of conduct live. This information is permanent, so please make sure you read it thoroughly and ask questions if needed. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always email the support team at We will hold weekly check-ins on Fridays on the #check-in Slack channel. We are so excited to have you as a part of this and wish you the best of luck.

What to Build

Build a Solid application using Inrupt’s products that innovate, connect, and showcase how Solid can provide unique experiences for individuals and organizations. The application can represent a solution to any of the industries below:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Finance

  • Public Sector and Government

  • Retail and Consumer Goods

  • Communications, Media and Technology

  • Social

  • Other

What to Submit

  • Write a description of the project, its features, and how you built it.

  • List your tech stack, including all of the Inrupt tools you used.

  • Record and upload a demonstration video to YouTube that’s no more than 2-minutes.

  • Identify and state which industry the project aligns with (Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance, Public sector, and Government, Retail and Consumer Goods, Communications, Media and Technology, other).

  • Provide a URL to your open source GitHub code repository. The repository must be public, contain all source code files, dependencies, including the file types specific to the component category, and you must have one of the open-source licenses below:

Submit this information to the workshop email ( with the subject line: Project Submission. The final day to submit is Tuesday, November 9, at 4 pm Eastern time.


1st. $1,000, a specially designed Inrupt/Solid T-shirt, and swag.

All participants will get cool Solid and Inrupt swag.